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C cell Bulb End Cap Bulb end cap to complete your solvent trap featuring threads to fit C cell non led Maglite flashlights.

C cell Bulb End Cap

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$ 19.97

Bulb end cap to complete your solvent trap featuring threads to fit C cell non led Maglite flashlights.

Product Detail:

Made out of black anodized 7075 grade aluminum; this unique end cap is designed to replace the bulb end of a standard (non-led) C Cell MagLite! This cap includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


Legal Statement
All of our products are 100% legal to own ,as long as NO modifications or alterations are made to the product. All of our products are designed and sold with 100% COMPLIANCE AND COOPERATION with ATF and NFA rules and regulations as it pertains to what could be considered a firearm. We do not promote, condone or advise ANY alterations and/or modifications of our products (to produce silencers or suppressors), even for legal purposes. By purchasing from us, the buyer agrees that they understand that these items are not suppressors or silencers in any way, shape or form. The Buyer also fully understands that they waive their rights to ANY claims for ANYTHING with any purchase from our website. is not responsible or liable in any way - legally, financially or even morally for the actions of their customers. We assume and expect that ALL of our products purchased are used for their intended purposes (CLEANING FIREARMS ONLY) and HIGHLY DISCOURAGE ANY alterations to ANY of our products - EVER! DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING US QUESTIONS ABOUT SUPPRESSORS, SILENCERS, BAFFLES OR ANYTHING RELATED TO THE SUBJECT AS WE WONT ANSWER THE EMAIL. Our Maglight and Solvent Trap line of products are for CLEANING FIREARMS PURPOSES ONLY. Please follow all local, state and federal laws at all times; regarding ALL NFA and ATF rules and regulations. Please check with, and follow, all NFA rules and regulations within their rule book (particularly section 2.1.7) or ask your local law enforcement department or your local BATF for further clarifications. 


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