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10/22 Ruger Three Stage Slip On Adapter 10/22 Ruger Three Stage Slip On Adapter. Slide this on and tighten the brass set screws. Use 3/4-16, 13/16-16, and 3/4 NPT filters!

10/22 Ruger Three Stage Slip On Adapter

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10/22 Ruger Three Stage Slip On Adapter. Slide this on and tighten the brass set screws. Use 3/4-16, 13/16-16, and 3/4 NPT filters!

Product Detail:

Why mount to just oil filters or just fuel filters when you can mount to both? Introducing the Three Stage Adapter! Mount 3/4-16, 13/16-16, and 3/4 NPT right on the end of your unthreaded Ruger 10/22 with this unique adapter! Made out of durable black oxide steel, this adapter is perfect for those who want it all! 


Fits: Unthreaded Ruger 10/22

External Threads: 3/4-16, 13/16-16, 3/4 NPT

Material: Black Oxide Steel 

So you like a clean gun barrel but hate the mess and smell of conventional cleaning products? Well we couldn't agree more. Introducing Solvent Trap Adapters. These adapters secure an oil filter onto the end of your barrel so the used cleaning solvent is trapped into the filter versus... everywhere it shouldn't be. Solvent Trap Adapters: saving your nose and carpet from all sorts of nasty.

Registration with the ATF or other agencies is NOT a requirement for any Infinite Product Solution adapters, provided that they are used for their intended purposes. The ATF does not regulate muzzle adapter devices provided there is no reduction in db's to the report of the firearm.

It is a violation of Federal law to muffle the report of a firearm with any non ATF/NFA registered device. However, it is Federally lawful for an individual to, for individual use, make such a device, provided that they first apply for a permit and register the device with the ATF (Form 1) before making such a device. If it is your intent to create such an item, it is your responsibility to review ATF regulations and seek their guidance, along with that of your State and Local Authorities, so as to remain lawful in your endeavor. 

We are not responsible for any unlawful or unintended use of our products. Thank you!

Lifetime Warranty
We are confident in the quality of our products and our stellar customer support, which is why all of our
 steel products are backed with an unconditional Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee all of our products against defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product. We will repair or replace defective products free of charge. You need only ship the defective item back to us with a description of the issue, and our fast-acting service team will solve the problem or replace your product until you are 100% satisfied – NO MATTER WHAT!

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